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Best 10 of 84 college fuck parties
DURATION: 4h 09m

Another weekend was coming, so me and my friends decided to spend the whole day in the country with the hottest college girls. Sounds tempting, right? Bear in mind that all of the babes we invited were real hot college sluts, and you'll get the full picture. Beautiful college girls, horny guys, a huge tent, lots of booze... Man, that's what I call a perfect picnic! Anyway, soon two of the pretty party girls went somewhere, and I secretly followed them. I thought I'd film them peeing or something, but what I saw…

Party: Young college fucking video Rating: 4.6
DURATION: 2h 40m

We've been studying together for a while, and we like to hang out together much more than to attend classes. Today, though, we were good students and didn't miss a single lecture. Now that the classes are over we deserve some compensation for the day spent in college. Time to throw a wild sex party, and the hottest college girls are up to it! So we bought much ale and sweet grape, invited the hot college chicks over to our place, and the crazy bash began. We told each other funny stories, then danced,…

DURATION: 2h 05m

Friday night was meant for hardcore sex parties, I mean it! It's the best way for tired and bored students to take the tension and the stress of the hard week away, to relax and to get laid. Yeah, sex with young student girls is the most important part of any weekend bash, don't you even doubt that. So welcome to the apartment where a bunch of careless student sex friends had a party last weekend. You'd think it was a common student bash with hot college chicks hanging out, dancing and laughing,…

DURATION: 3h 24m

We had the whole weekend ahead, a huge apartment fully at our disposal, some kinky sex toys and a funny costume... Hmm, it sounds like a perfect combination for a wild sex party! Add lots of champagne and the luscious college girls, and you'll get the full picture. We told the girls that it would be some sort of costume sex party, so they all put sexy colored fishnet stockings on. Not that I can call that a costume, but screw it, the party girls looked damn hot! As always, we started our college fuck party with…

DURATION: 1h 55m

Hell yeah, finally we passed all the exams and can party like there's no tomorrow! We have everything we need: a nice and warm place where nobody would disturb us, tons of booze, good music, and of course the hottest college girls! Three hot college chicks and three handsome guys - that's a perfect combination for a hot sex party, right? So the party's began, we drink and smoke cigarettes and laugh and have fun. The pretty party girls are so happy about the exams and their good grades, they dance…

DURATION: 1h 11m

Today was the day we passed our last exam, the college years are over, there is new life in front of us. That sounds like a great reason for throwing a college sex party, right? Ok, when we decided to celebrate it with some champagne nobody expected this to end up as a college orgy. Me, I thought my fellow college chicks were decent and shy girls, and if somebody told me I'd fuck every one of them I wouldn't believe this. Anyway, we bought some champagne and headed to our friend's apartment. We…

Party: Super exciting fuck party movie Rating: 4.5
DURATION: 3h 57m

If you ask me what booze to choose for a hot sex party, I'd say that there's nothing like tequila! First of all, it's strong enough to make the hot college chicks horny after just a couple of shots. Besides, the drinking ritual is very sexy itself. All that salt licking, you know. Pretty party girls get turned on by that, believe me. Anyway, me and my friend Lina threw a tequila sex party, and see how cool it was! I was in the kitchen, helping Lina to get everything ready and drinking with the luscious college…

Party: Naked girls party after exams Rating: 4.5
DURATION: 3h 31m

Hello everyone, here's a cool fuck party movie that my friends and me shot the other weekend. Actually it was supposed to be just an ordinary college party after exams. We called up the college chicks we study with, rented a cottage in the country and took the camera to make an amateur home video. I thought we'd just drink and dance and maybe play some silly games with those young student girls, but I guess it was my lucky day, because our weekend bash turned into the wildest college orgy I've ever seen. Things…

DURATION: 4h 04m

Throwing a wild sex party in a deserted cottage is every student's secret dream. Where else can you go totally crazy and stop caring about anything, including nosy neighbors? That's right, in the country! Besides, all the hot college chicks feel much more relaxed in the country. Don't know why, maybe the atmosphere is more romantic here. But it's a fact: any sexy student girl is easier to fuck in the country. Want me to prove this to you? Well, watch the kick-ass sex video that we made! But let's begin from the…

Party: Student group sex on Halloween Rating: 4.5
DURATION: 2h 48m

I love young students sex parties! But theme fuck parties are even better, cause girls put on sexy costumes and act differently. Atmosphere of unusual theme party drives everybody wild. On this weekend we celebrated Halloween. We love this holiday cause it's all about being bad, naughty and evil! Prudes were not invited to the party, only slutty and sexy college girls who love to fuck at college parties! If only those girls knew what kind of college orgy they were about to witness... Would they reconsider?…

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